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Tortilla samosa – Baked/Healthy version

I love samosas!! I always make it with different stuffing like chicken, veggies, cooked beans. You can add whatever stuffing/filling you want. Today I’m sharing very simple samosa recipe with onion stuffing. I’m sharing both deep fried and baked versions.

Give a try definitely you will love it πŸ™‚


Let’s move on to the recipe.


Tortilla – homemade or store bought

Onion – half chopped lengthwise

Poha / beaten rice or oats – 1/4 cup or less ( You find poha in Indian store), Soak the poha for few minutes.

Coriander leaves – chopped finely

Chilli powder/ paprika/ cayenne – as per your taste

Oil – for deep frying

Spray oil – for baking

Salt – to taste

Method :

Prepare your ingredients and keep aside.


Heat pan add oil/spray oil, add chopped onion and saute until browned.


Then add soaked poha/oats/beaten rice and give a stir.


Add chilli powder and salt and mix everything well. Don’t let the poha stick to the bottom.


Finally add the chopped coriander leaves and let the masala cool.


The stuffing is ready. Cut the tortilla into half using knife or pizza cutter.


We need a cornflour paste to seal the tortilla so that masala won’t come out when frying or baking. Mix cornflour and water together to make into a thick paste.


Take the half tortilla and make into a cone shape.


Stuff the masala(Onion mixture) into the cone.


Apply the cornflour paste in the corner so that we can seal it.


The cute little samosa is ready.


Similarly make many samosas as you want.


For deep frying method, Heat the oil and drop carefully the samosas and cook until both sides become light brown in medium flame.


For the baking method, Preheat the oven for 390Β° F and bake the samosas on cookie sheet for 10 -15 minutes until outer layer become brown. I ate only one so baked one samosas πŸ˜‰


Both the samosas tasted same. No difference at all. Give a try and let me know πŸ™‚

Happy snacking πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰


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