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Boondi Raita

Have you ever tried raita? Super cool, creamy yogurt dip. They are many varieties of raita we can make.

Boondi raita is one of my favorite πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

Boondi is a water droplet sized deep fried crispy Indian snack made from chickpea flour and spices. You can find boondi in Indian groceries.


It is a very quick dip. It is a perfect side dish for Briyani, Variety rice and many more..

Let’s move on to the creamy dip..

Ingredients :

Yogurt – 1 cup Full fat/Low fat/ Greek yogurt

Boondi – 1/2 cup

Salt – to taste

Chilli powder – a pinch (optional)

Water – to dilute

Coriander leaves – to garnish

Optional Ingredients :

Onion – Chopped finely

Cucumber – chopped finely

Carrot- Grated

Method :

Take yogurt/ Greek yogurt in a bowl.


Add little water and make into a smooth, creamy consistency.


Then add the store bought boondi and mix into yogurt.


Add salt and mix well. Sprinkle some chilli powder.


Sprinkle coriander leaves and serve πŸ™‚ Super creamy and tasty raita is ready πŸ™‚

I served it with Quinoa tawa pulao

Happy Cooking πŸ™‚



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