Hello friends,

I’m Kavitha Ambigapathi, writer and photographer of this recipe blog. I started cooking after my marriage and that too after I come to US. Before marriage very rarely I will help my mom in the kitchen. My mom is the best cook in the world, I love her cooking, the way she prepare the food, the way she uses the spices, the way she serve food to others.

she is my inspiration! 

After marriage I got to live in Velachery ( Chennai, Tamil Nadu) My Mother-in-law is another great chef I love her authentic foods.

Basically she is from Nagercoil (Kanyakumari Dis.) all her foods taste just like Kerala food so I started love her cooking as well as her recipes.

There is no doubt that why I got addicted to cooking, Yes!! because of these two great cooks!

My amma (Mom) and my Mother-in-law!!

Not to mention my appa( My dad is also a great cook) 😉

After coming here, to USA, I used to call my amma(MOM) and MIL to take down the recipes, I have a habit of writing down my recipes instead of just memorizing the ingredients and methods.

This kind of habit let me to start a blog for my own recipes 🙂

Then here I’m started my very own first blog! Yes! I did it.

Let me introduce my family – My Lovable husband Rajesh Shankar, (I will mention him in my post as RS) Who let me do whatever I love to do and encouraging me in every single day for the work I do! I would not say I’m lucky because truly I’m blessed to have a husband like him 🙂

Then my little pumpkin Ananjan Rajesh, (I will mention him in my post as AR) My 2-year old boy who loves his mommy very much and want to be his side always 😉

It’s been few months I started following healthy/Weight loss recipes because I badly want to lose my baby weight 😦 and stay fit.

I have gained some weight after my pregnancy. I have tried many diets for few months to lose weight quickly but nothing worked out. Yes, some of the diet helped me to lose weight but within few days I gained all my weight back.

Then I came to know that slow and steady weight losing is always the best. So I stick to the healthy food planning. We basically follow Indian food diet. when I googled weight loss Indian foods I could not find many recipes.

So I started preparing my own way of healthy/Weight loss Indian foods. I want to share with others who wants to eat healthy as well as tasty food.

I would not say my blog is full of healthy food but you can find most of the recipes are healthy/weight loss recipes. All the recipes are tried by me! So you can ask me any doubt or question if you have regarding my recipes.

Besides cooking, I love to listen to the music, Watching movies in english, telugu, tamil and hindi language. I have only few friends, so love spending time with them. I mostly prefer to spend time with my Lovely husband and my son!

Apart from all these, I love my family I always give important to them. I personally want to thanks my family members my husband, parents, son, brothers, in-was and friends for supporting me 🙂

comments and feedback are precious to me. Nothing can brighten my day when I hear a positive feedback about the recipes the readers/friends tried. So let me know if you feel I deserve an appreciation through mail. You can contact me at kaviskitchen@gmail.com. Even if you have any doubts regarding any recipes here, you can ask me through mail, I will be glad to help you.

You can also keep in touch with me through Facebook

Happy Cooking,

Kavitha Ambigapathi Rajesh