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Pepper Chicken! 

This chicken is perfect when you want to impress your friends and family 🤗🤗 So easy to make and it's taste super spicy 😇 and you will fall in love with this pepper chicken. My mom make this pepper chicken for sunday dinner along with roti/chapati/Poori 🙂 This recipe is freezer friendly and make it… Continue reading Pepper Chicken! 

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Breakfast Omelette

We love to eat egg all day!! I always prefer to make egg recipes in the morning for breakfast. It is super filling and healthy. So we named this recipe as breakfast omelette. My son love to eat egg scramble, french toast, boiled egg for breakfast. I want to make omelette for breakfast with lots… Continue reading Breakfast Omelette

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Spicy shrimp curry with flavored basmati rice

Hello all, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!! 😍😇 I'm so proud to be a mother 😇 On this special day I want to post very special and tasty shrimp curry with flavored basmati rice. It is a perfect lunch or dinner recipe! Treat your special one with this special food 😍😍 This shrimp curry has creamy texture.… Continue reading Spicy shrimp curry with flavored basmati rice