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Green Pulao/ Spinach Pulao

This green/spinach pulao is the super hit in my family. I will eat this rice recipe in my cheat days because I cook this rice with ghee, cashew sometime with little cream 😉 If you want to make it less calorie and healthy. Make only with spray oil, Quinoa/brown rice. Let's move on to the… Continue reading Green Pulao/ Spinach Pulao

Recipes, vegeterian, Weight Loss Recipes

Quick Chilli Quesadilla

Who doesn't like chilli ?? Full of good things in this recipe.. This chilli recipe can be made ahead and you can freeze it.. I made it little thick so that I can stuff inside tortilla to make quesadilla.. You won't believe we have stuffed the chilli inside tortilla.. This is damn good tasty recipe..… Continue reading Quick Chilli Quesadilla

Recipes, vegeterian, Weight Loss Recipes

Cauliflower Steak!!

We love Cauliflower!! I always have cauliflower at my home! I love to buy fresh cauliflower and make many varieties of recipes. We love to eat cauliflower masala, cauliflower kurma, cauliflower pakoda.. But I want to try something new and tasty and of course healthy.. So tried this cauliflower steak!! Oh my god! How can… Continue reading Cauliflower Steak!!

Recipes, vegeterian, Weight Loss Recipes

Quick Kidney Bean Soup

Hello all, I have a very good news. We moved to San Antonio yesterday I'm so happy to be here 🙂 Don't know why but I felt something new and happy 🙂 I'm feeling happy and relaxed. Waiting to meet my new friends 😉 Everyone knows that moving from one state to another is not… Continue reading Quick Kidney Bean Soup

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Spicy shrimp curry with flavored basmati rice

Hello all, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!! 😍😇 I'm so proud to be a mother 😇 On this special day I want to post very special and tasty shrimp curry with flavored basmati rice. It is a perfect lunch or dinner recipe! Treat your special one with this special food 😍😍 This shrimp curry has creamy texture.… Continue reading Spicy shrimp curry with flavored basmati rice