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Mushroom masala with coconut

Hello guys, Hope you all are having wonderful day 🙂 I was held up with my personal work so could not able to post much recipes. But I forced myself to post some new and healthy recipe 🙂 so I came up with this very tasty mushroom masala with coconut. Coconut is full of good… Continue reading Mushroom masala with coconut

Recipes, vegeterian, Weight Loss Recipes

Cauliflower Steak!!

We love Cauliflower!! I always have cauliflower at my home! I love to buy fresh cauliflower and make many varieties of recipes. We love to eat cauliflower masala, cauliflower kurma, cauliflower pakoda.. But I want to try something new and tasty and of course healthy.. So tried this cauliflower steak!! Oh my god! How can… Continue reading Cauliflower Steak!!


Mushroom Masala

Hello everyone, Hope you all started your weekend very happily 🙂 Today I want to post Mushroom masala, this is very tasty and goes well with basmati rice/ roti/ naan/ tortilla/ stuffed between bread and have it as a sandwich. This masala uses cashew paste. We can substitute the cashew paste with heavy cream or… Continue reading Mushroom Masala

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Quinoa Shrimp/prawn stir fry – Super Quick Recipe

I'm so so so happy to write down my recipes here. I hope it is helpful for someone to plan their healthy meals 🙂 Thank you all for viewing my page 🙂 ❤ Today, I'm going to post one of the best and quick QUINOA PRAWN STIR FRY. As you all know I'm a big… Continue reading Quinoa Shrimp/prawn stir fry – Super Quick Recipe


Barley Bean Soup – Fabulous Hearty Soup!

I'm so happy to post my third post 🙂 Today I'm sharing Soup recipe! I'm not a soup person! I feel bored when I'm having soup!! 😦 But few days back I made detox veg soup. It was unbelievably tasted like heaven and I felt super refresh and tasty, then I decided to make many… Continue reading Barley Bean Soup – Fabulous Hearty Soup!