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Quinoa Bisibelabath

I have a special THANKS to Abha for nominating me for the LIEBSTER AWARD. I'm so happy 🙂 I will work hard to develop my blog 🙂 Thanks for this motivation 🙂 ❤ Bisibelabath is a one pot meal! Made with lots of vegetables and lentils. It is a very tasty and healthy recipe. Instead… Continue reading Quinoa Bisibelabath

Recipes, vegeterian, Weight Loss Recipes

Quick Chilli Quesadilla

Who doesn't like chilli ?? Full of good things in this recipe.. This chilli recipe can be made ahead and you can freeze it.. I made it little thick so that I can stuff inside tortilla to make quesadilla.. You won't believe we have stuffed the chilli inside tortilla.. This is damn good tasty recipe..… Continue reading Quick Chilli Quesadilla

Recipes, vegeterian, Weight Loss Recipes

Quinoa Tawa Pulao/ Pilaf

Pulao is an Indian flavored rice recipe. It is always made with white rice/basmati rice/brown rice. But I want to make it with quinoa. Instead of rice I have used cooked quinoa. Pav bhaji masala powder is must for this recipe. You won't believe it tasted just like a rice tawa pulao. 'Tawa' means a… Continue reading Quinoa Tawa Pulao/ Pilaf

Recipes, vegeterian, Weight Loss Recipes

Turmeric Detox Soup

Turmeric detox soup is the only soup I always have in my freezer. This soup is healthy and cleansing, turmeric is soothing and healing, full of powerful antioxidants by drinking this soup you will feel energy boosted 🙂 First we are going to make turmeric broth. This broth is the basic step after that we… Continue reading Turmeric Detox Soup

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Quinoa Shrimp/prawn stir fry – Super Quick Recipe

I'm so so so happy to write down my recipes here. I hope it is helpful for someone to plan their healthy meals 🙂 Thank you all for viewing my page 🙂 ❤ Today, I'm going to post one of the best and quick QUINOA PRAWN STIR FRY. As you all know I'm a big… Continue reading Quinoa Shrimp/prawn stir fry – Super Quick Recipe